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Carpet Tack Strip Extra Wide

Easy and fast installation:Carpet can be taken up and moved or replaced with ease more pin nail: not less than 52pcs pin nail big nail firmly on the wood strips: will not fall off easily more nail choice: we have wood nail , concrete nail, elasticel nail,heavy duty nail,dual nail
  • ZL-1131
  • Linkwin
  • Wood
Extra-Wide Carpet Tack Strips (1 inch wide, 2 pin   rows, 4feet long )
PackagingN.W.G.W.TermsQTY/20'GP         QTY/40'HC     QTY/40'HCUnit price
ZL-1131Standard (Contains no   anchoring Nail)100pcs/ctn9.5KG10KGFOBLIANYUNGANG700CTN1750CTN1600CTN$10.72/CTN
ZL-1231Pre-Nailed Wood   (Regular 3/4" ring shank nail)100 pcs/ctn10.0KG10.5KGFOBLIANYUNGANG600CTN1650CTN1550CTN(40CTN/PC,36PCS,)$11.02/CTN
ZL-12312Pre-Nailed Wood   (Heavy Duty 1" ring shank nail)100 pcs/ctn10.0KG10.5KGFOBLIANYUNGANG600CTN1650CTN1550CTN(40CTN/PC,36PCS,)$11.48/CTN
ZL-1331Pre-nailed Concrete   (Regular 11/16" x 12 gauge nail)100 pcs/ctn10.0KG10.5KGFOBLIANYUNGANG600CTN1650CTN1550CTN(40CTN/PC,36PCS,)$11.02/CTN
ZL-13312Pre-nailed Concrete   (Heavy Duty 5/8" x 10 gauge nail)100 pcs/ctn10.0KG10.5KGFOBLIANYUNGANG600CTN1650CTN1550CTN(40CTN/PC,36PCS,)$11.48/CTN
ZL-1451Pre-Nailed Elasticel   (1 1/4" spiral concrete nail)100 pcs/ctn10.0KG10.5KGFOBLIANYUNGANG600CTN1650CTN1550CTN(40CTN/PC,36PCS,)$11.48/CTN

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