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The development trend of flooring materials

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From March 24 to 26, 2021, we visited DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR Which was hold in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center.

Why we visit DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR?

1. DOMOTEX asia/ CHINAFLOOR is the leading flooring exhibition in the Asian-Pacific region and the second largest flooring show worldwide.

2. Keep close to the industry trends and development trends, dig deep into the market and consumer demand, constantly explore the development potential of different categories, and continue to create the exclusive labels of the four plates to highlight the unique value of different exhibits.

What are the gains from this exhibition?

Solid wood flooring has dominated China's local market in the past 20 years. However, with the increasing shortage of natural resources, the introduction of new materials and production technologies, and the growing younger consumer population, the products represented by floor heating solid wood flooring are gradually being sought after by the market.

Carpets are a way to create a special atmosphere and reflect your unique personality. Plush carpets, semi-coarse carpets, tightly twisted fine pile carpets, velvet carpets and other new products continue to emerge and enter the customer's field of vision. Carpets with a clear texture and tactile surface are likely to become popular in the next quarter.

Handmade products are durable and dust-proof, which coincides with the needs of modern urban residents for interior decorations. Whether it is classic oriental carpets with traditional patterns, gentle and generous hand-woven carpets and tapestries, or imaginative composite material stitching, designers all over the world seem to be more adept at creating than ever before. The golden age of handmade carpets is back, but it is no longer just a high-end market, but has become a product that ordinary families can reach.
Cork is also undergoing a recovery, which is attributed to the growing awareness of environmental protection, because it can be printed, and the patterns and designs of cork are very varied.

Elastic floor material has a large number of decorative patterns and textures, and at the same time has extremely high environmental protection and plasticity. From imitating rough wood boards, traditional floor tiles, to cement floors, elastic floor materials have gradually become the new favorites in commercial buildings, public buildings, and even home decoration. Due to its antibacterial and easy cleaning characteristics, elastic floor materials are also replacing traditional materials in schools and hospitals at an alarming rate.

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