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LINKWIN High-Quality Plastic Flooring Promotion

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 May 20, 2021-May 31, 2021

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 520 decoration!

Linkwin Plastic Flooring shocked, Buy high-quality Plastic Flooring at the lowest price

LINKWIN High-Quality Plastic Flooring Promotion

 solemn commitment:

 Starting from May 20th, the lowest price of plastic flooring throughout the year, the price is limited to 10 days of activity, and all prices will be restored after the activity.

 The factory owner protects the price and promises that the inventory is 10% lower than usual.

 Absolute surprise: 200 squares trial orders are normally ordered to be shipped from the factory.

 8 products are on sale, and some of them have shocking prices.

Linkwin has a professional manufacturer of plastic flooring with only 100% virgin materials and in this area for years in China. Our main products are SPC flooring, WPC flooring, garage flooring, homogenous PVC sheeting flooring and the related accessories. We are located in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu Province, only one hour’s drive from Shanghai.

The factory has been certified by FloorScore, SGS, ISO 9001 and CE. Obtained many letters of patent. We have more than 10 production lines with precise equipment and produce around 300 containers per month.

The factory is quipped with advanced laboratory and equipment that are leading in China, including peel strength tester, hardness tester, abrasion resistance tester, balance scale, horizontal tensile tester, temperature and humidity chamber and welling capacity test cabinet, as well as excellent research and development team. As a return, it has won trust of clients both at home and abroad, such as United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, etc.

For long-term and stable development, we keep expanding the scale of production and launching competitive new products for broadening the market to more countries and places. We believe that we will have bright future with the technical team, the zeal and motivation in our heats.

Be Serious, Be Honest, Environmental Protection, Continuous Innovation. Welcome to visit our factory.

LINKWIN High-Quality Plastic Flooring Promotion  LINKWIN High-Quality Plastic Flooring Promotion

LINKWIN High-Quality Plastic Flooring Promotion LINKWIN High-Quality Plastic Flooring Promotion

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