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Knee Kicker for Carpet Installation

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    Have you ever noticed the carpet in your bedroom or living room? Have you ever think about how the carpet can be tied to the floor? Have you ever knew what is the machine used to install the carpet? That is why knee kicker appear.

    Although in today's era, all kinds of technology all have gained rapidly development, many industries still retain the most primitive manual installation method, such as fixed carpet, using manual with knee kicker to install. Because that manual installation can ensure the maximum degree of regularity of carpet and the fitness with the floor, reducing the damage to the carpet and floor.

    There are a variety of carpet kickers on the market, each has its own characteristics. But our knee kickers can meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent. Our knee kicker adopts a one-piece design, adding a large amount of sponge products to protect the knees of workers where the knees need to contact, and at the bottom of it, we use rivets to increase its grip, while reducing the degree of damage to the carpet. In addition, we also have a perfect after-sales guarantee, if customers have any questions about the product, we will have after-sales personnel to answer and solve.

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