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Environmental protection

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    When we sit on the bench by the river and smell the fragrance of flower, when we see people playing by the pond in summer evenings, when we stay in the office and drink coffee, smelling a burst of fragrance coming from the green plants on the table, when we come home every day and see that there are always green vegetables on the table .... we always forget there still exist places we can't see with endless pollution, yellowing gutters, withered trees, garbage all over the ground .....


    It is incontestable that human beings have only one common home: the Earth. However, with the rapid development of industrialization and modernization, our human activities are causing increasingly serious damage to the earth's environment: water pollution, air pollution, vegetation destruction, land desertification, white waste ..... All of them have caused indelible harm to the environment. Although all parties have put forward the slogan of protecting the environment and carried out a series of measures and activities to protect the environment as well as reduce the damage, the earth's natural environment is still under great pressure, and the protection of the environment can not be delayed. 

    As a Chinese factory supplier with highly responsibility, our group is committed to protecting the environment and reducing the damage to nature. In the process of manufacturing and selling products, we always uphold the concept of "green", which is not just a slogan, but must be remembered in every stage of our company's production activities.

    For making products, we tend to select a series of environmentally friendly raw materials --- PVC,SPC Vinyl, Biodegradable material etc, especially our floors which be made of highly quality material that will not only be advantageous for our environment but also be safe and comfortable for customers. Besides, our floor,carpet underlay, seaming tape all have passed a series of quality tests.We believe we can be qualified with various needs.

    For the production technology, we have devoted ourselves to developing green technology to minimize the waste in the production process; we also try to recycle the waste materials that appear in the process of producing products to reduce the material waste. In the future, our company will also continue to increase research efforts to carry out green technology.

    For the corporate culture, we advocate our employees to live a green lifestyle ---- green travel, save water and use less plastic products; besides, we also organize our employees to watch movies that related to environmental protection and conduct tree planting activities, etc.


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